Understanding Spinal Cord Injury

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About 200,000 people worldwide suffer from spinal cord injury. The number of injuries that occur each year is alarming. Among the frequent causes are trauma, motor vehicle accidents, falls, construction accidents, seat belt failure accidents, violence, seat back failure accidents, sports-related injuries, and other medical conditions like polio, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and arthritis, to name a few.
An injury to the spine often causes the victims to suffer from very serious complications, which always leave him helpless.

Spinal Injury Complications
Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a serious injury in that is affects the central nervous system. Consequently an injury creates problems not only at the site, but SCI creates systemic problems depending on the specific location of the injury.

Loss of Sensation
The victim often loses sensation right below the injured area. Preventing pressure ulcers to the skin should be given utmost importance.

Musculoskeletal Problems
Paralysis is a common issue in spinal cord injury. Paralysis coincides with musculoskeletal problems. Contracture (wherein the muscles remain tight) leads to joint deformity. Heterotopic ossification is abnormal bone growth in soft tissues. Spasticity leads to one's inability to control muscle movement. Flaccid muscles refer to the condition of the muscles' being limp and lacking tone.

Loss of Bladder Control
Bladder infections, renal calculi or kidney stones, and kidney infections are often the usual complaints. With the help of a medical practitioner, a spinal injury victim can learn other ways of emptying his bladder.

Loss of Bowel Control
Spinal cord injury (SCI) can cause a person to lose muscle control around the anus. To cope with such disability, bowel routine and some dietary changes should be considered.

Reproductive Organ Issues
Men are prone to erection problems and ejaculation issues.

Changes in Blood Circulation
Circulatory changes such as deep vein thrombosis, edema, low blood pressure, and increased chances of blood clots are common. Sometimes diet, prescription medication and physical therapy can reduce the risks of clotting and blood pressure problems.

Respiratory System Problems
Difficulty breathing, clearing secretions, and coughing are the usual problems that are faced by someone with spinal injury.

The Need for a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer
Spinal cord injury victims need to discuss legal matters with a spinal cord lawyer should the injury be caused by another party.

A damaged spinal cord is a very tragic and often debilitating occurrence. A normal lifestyle suddenly turns upside down. Because the injuries are often permanent and leave the victim incapable of taking care of himself and working for his family's well-being, it is important to talk to a spinal cord lawyer and learn exactly what the victim's rights are, including disability and social security, and what the responsible party's obligations are.

The injury to the spine obviously leads to serious damages that hamper a person's opportunities in life. Considerations are housing, transportation, career, pain management, depression, etc. Depending on the intensity of the injury to the spine, which should be evaluated by and discussed with a licensed medical practitioner and spinal injury lawyer, there are legal options to review.

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Understanding Spinal Cord Injury

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