How to calculate claim amount in personal injury case

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If you want to make personal injury claim for the injury you have suffered in Colorado, you should be well aware of the Colorado laws in this regard. To make a claim in that case, it is important that you calculate the right claim amount. A personal injury claim is either a claim with the insurance company of the accused or more commonly, the lawsuit filed in court based on principles of torts.

When you file a case in the court, the court allows compensation types of injuries or damages that you went through during the accident. The main objective of these Colorado laws is to provide compensation to make you enable and put you back to the position when you were before the incident took place. It also compensate you for the things that cannot be fixed easily such as a permanent injury.

How to calculate the right amount of claim

To make a claim, it is very important to calculate the right amount of compensation. For that, you need to understand what kind of compensation you are entitled to. Before you go to court to make your claim, you should know the amount jury might award. It will help you decide whether to fight for claim or not. In addition, you can decide whether to accept the settlement offer out of the court that could save lots of hassles and expenses for both parties involved.

Below are given a list of damages you might be entitled and that can be calculated into a total amount.

Medical Bills: During a Personal Injury compensation claim, including the amount of medical bills is important. Since it can be easily found into money terms, you can determine it easily. Just add up all the medical bills that have created due to treatment of the injury.

Income lost: This is also a form of economic damage and can be easily calculated by keeping a track of the work and thereby income you are missing. To determine the amount of lost income, just add up all the money lost in this form.

Emotional Suffering: Though this award is designed to compensate you for the emotional trauma you are suffering due to the injury, it is quite difficult to calculate.

Pains and Sufferings: Law has provided for the compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the personal injury. This is non-economic form of compensation and is quite difficult to calculate. The more serious the injury more will be the compensation award. To calculate it, you need to check the previous legal cases to find out how much people having similar injuries received. However, each case, each injury and each jury is different and hence, you might not get that you expected for.

Punitive Damages: Though not available in all cases, this compensation is designed to punish the defendant if it is proved that he or she acted in this way to hurt you or have been grossly negligent. If proven, the amount can be many times the actual damages occurred.

Contact a Lawyer

If you have suffered any personal injury and you want to determine the amount of expected compensation, it is best to contact an expert lawyer who is well versed with the Colorado laws and can determine the right amount of compensation. is a good place to start with as they are among the best lawyers in Colorado.

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How to calculate claim amount in personal injury case

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How to calculate claim amount in personal injury case

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